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The 14th Five-Year Plan of Integrated Meteorological Observation rolled out

Source:China Meteorological New Press29-11-2022

On November 18, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and National Development and Reform Commission (NERC) jointly issued the 14th Five-Year Plan of Integrated Meteorological Observation (hereafter referred to as the Plan).

The Plan proposes the full implementation of the Guideline on Fostering High-Quality Meteorological Development with the new development philosophy into all aspects of the whole process of integrated meteorological observation operation. The Plan also points out consolidating scientific innovation, and promoting high-quality development in observation network, operational guarantee, and observation products. According to the Plan, smart coordination of integrated meteorological observation system will be realized and the development of integrated meteorological observation in the whole society will be pushed ahead. All these initiatives will lay the groundwork for fostering high-quality development.

The Plan clarifies that by 2025, a precise meteorological monitoring system, which is integrated and three-dimensional, smart and coordinated, with a science-based layout, will be established. The precise monitoring capacity will constantly enhance, and real-time monitoring capacity of three-dimensional atmospheric condition will be equipped.

The Plan has outline major tasks in six aspects, namely, consolidating weather observation capacity, elevating climate and climate change observation capacity, exploring professional meteorological observation capacity, boosting space meteorology observation capacity, reinforcing smart coordinated observation and data application capacity, as well as strengthening operational guarantee and scientific support capacity.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao