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FY-3E releases low light product of the earth

Source:China Meteorological News Press05-11-2021

On November 4, Fengyun-3E, the early morning orbit meteorological satellite of CMA, released its third set of image products. These images have shown the cloud images and city light observed by FY-3E during the morning and afternoon period with the earth’s rotation.

Images and cartoons released this time are observed by medium resolution spectral imager-Low Light onboard FY-3E. The most salient feature of this instrument is displayed. It can carry out high resolution observation of the whole earth under the condition of low light, provide structural features of cloud, land surface, and sea surface, which is helpful to elevate monitoring and forecasting capacity of severe weather.

The image captured by FY-3E when flying over South America continent at 8:18 p.m. on October 17

This kind of city light images is not only instrumental in gaining an insight into the condition like urban economic development and air quality, but also serves as specific instrument for monitoring forest fire, and lightning at night.

According to Hu Xiuqing, the chief designer of the ground system of FY-3, products unveiled this time include images of polar regions low light condition in polar day in summer. The image of the Greenland captured by FY-3E in August bears vital significance to observing polar snow cover and sea ice change, and studying global weather and climate.


Visible light image in Arctic captured by FY-3E on August 1

  The third batch of images released by FY-3E satellite has showcased the rich observation approaches, special observation obsessions and distinctive application potential according to Zhang Peng, the chief engineer of the ground system of FY-3 polar-orbiting satellites. In the future, he hoped that FY-3E satellite will play a special role in filling in the observation vacancy of polar-orbiting meteorological satellites and elevating the capacity of core operations like numerical weather prediction (NWP).(Nov.5)

FY-3E satellite is monitoring global cloud system at dawn

Photos credits to National Satellite Meteorological Center

Editor: Liu Shuqiao